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Alesis StrikeExpPack Expansion Pack for Electronic Strike Kit


Product Description

The Alesis Strike Pro Expansion Pack (also known as StrikeExpPack) is perfect for drummers who own the Alesis Strike 8-Piece Kit but want to take their drumming to the next level.
The Strike Pro Expansion Pack features a 14'' tom and two 14'' crash cymbals which easily fit in with the initial Strike 8-Piece kit to create the Alesis Strike Pro 11-Piece Kit. The expansion pack gives you all the hardware you need to expand the Strike kit. The extra equipment gives you a much larger playing range and the ability to produce more in-depth performances from the existing Strike module.
Immersive Drumming Experience
The cymbals offer a perfect balance of control and bounce, offering a truly immersive drumming experience. Each cymbal offers a larger bell area for enhanced playability, whilst sporting a hammered look to suit the rest of the kit. The premium wood shells are fitted with large dual-hoop pads with mesh heads and adjustable sensitivity control, offering an extremely responsive and realistic drumming experience.
  • Larger playing range
  • Ability to produce a more in-depth performance
  • One Additional 14'' Tom
  • Two Additional 14'' Crash Cymbals
  • Two Additional Stands
  • All Hardware Matches The Finish Of The Original Strike Kit
  • Clamp With L-Rod
  • Two 36'' Side Bars
  • Two Rack Posts With Cymbal Boom Arms
  • One Short Module Mount Rack Arm
59,075.00 (Incl. GST)
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